Nicola and Manuel
Paris - Milan

Nicola and Manuel
Paris - Milan

The Face
‘stay up late’
Styling by Gary David Moore
Hair by Pal Berdahl
Make-up by Laura Dominique
Casting by Mollie Dendle
Set Design by Georgina Pragnell
Production by Bene Studio

ocean in the 12th
Styling by Dogi

‘sequins sky’ book
Styling by Gary David Moore
Hair by Tom Wright
Distributed at Dover Street Market Ginza, Tokyo and Yvon Lambert, Paris

Giada ‘polaroid series’ FW24
Styling by Karen Kaiser
Hair by Eugene Souleiman
Make-up bySiddartha Simone
Casting by Shaun Beyen

‘Cat Tree’  book


Paris, France
Ofr, Yvon Lambert, Le Plac’Art, Delpire, Cahier Central

Tokyo, Japan
Dover Street Market Ginza

Milan, Italy

Nicola and Manuel remix reality, infusing their work with contradictions and unexpected details, plunging the viewer in a terrain vague of rawness and sass. Their theatre is the in-between, navigating the friction between candor and impudence, real and performative, familiar and unfamiliar.

Intrigued by reality and one’s journey of identity, fashion appears as instrumental to someone’s self expansion and to create a moment of connection with the world around.