Nicola and Manuel is the encounter of two synergies that finds their expression through photography.

The duo is interested in the ‘in-between’, a vibration of the subject caught in a state of willingness to self-explore. Intrigued by the many facets of contemporary constructs of identity and as non-binary artists, they celebrate their multiplicity, reveling in the right not to have to choose. By extension, the subjects they photograph appear both vulnerable and insolent, filled with sensual energy, the latter coming from a place of self-awareness, rather than to satisfy the observer.

Nicola and Manuel’s style is informed by their background, respectively Architecture and Fine Arts, delighting in the intriguing resonance of textures and materials and striking a balance of compositions that are both instinctive and constructed.

Notable collaborations include: AnOther, WSJ, Études, Giada, LampoonRimowa.

Paris / Milan